Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Mistress Roxy is wearing a pair of white high heel boots and after walking all day she takes them off and shows off her dirty socks and makes you smell them as she smothers you with her feet. She finally takes off her stinky socks and makes you lick her bare feet clean and use your tongue to get in between each of her little toes to get rid of all the grime.

Lady Suzanne is a sexy babe that is wearing black fishnet stockings and black heels as she shows you her flawless feet. She has been working in her heels all day so her feet are hot and sweaty and stinky from walking in the heels and when she takes off her shoe she shares that with you and demands that you open your mouth and stick out your tongue and start licking.

Mistress Julie is wearing a pair of bright pink boots as she dances on the counters and struts her stuff showing off her sexy body and her boots leaving you addicted and wanting more. She gets you hooked on her feet and then she takes you for everything that you have leaving you broke and filing for bankruptcy again while she is living a life of luxury thanks to you.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is wearing a fishnet outfit that covers her entire body as she sits on the stairs with her high heel dangling from her foot as she runs her finger over her panties covering her pussy. She teases you because she knows what you want and she is going to get your dick hard in your pants and she wants to get you off as she teases you!

Princess Portia and mistress Jasmine Jones takes off their heels after they made you follow them around on your hands and knees like a dog while they stomped on you painfully cutting your skin. They then show off their sexy feet and remind you that you want to give them every penny that you have and everything that you work hard for so they can go shopping with your money.

She may have a cute face and a sweet smile, but teen princess Melena can also be a dominating and humiliating mistress. Sometimes she will order you to clean every scrap of dirt off her black leather boots using only your tongue, and even laugh at you for being such a loser as you do it! She wont let you stop until her boots are clean and dripping with your saliva.

Celia is a hardworking French girl, and when she comes home and slips her feet out of her favourite ballerina shoes, they give off a luscious sweaty aroma. I love to watch her uncover her stinky soles then offer the shoes to me so that I can take in a long whiff of her sweet, sweaty scent. She wiggles her toes and smiles, knowing how much I relish the stink of her feet.

Beautiful seductress Angelina is relishing the opportunity to model all her beautiful new shoes. Dressed in sexy black leggings, the brunette first pulls off her modern peeptoe sandals, letting you catch a quick glimpse of her hot bare feet with their painted toenails. Then, slowly and seductively, this shoe mistress goes on to model all her other pairs for you, all of which perfectly complement her exquisite and shapely feet.

Before the femdom mistress Sarah Blake will let you underneath her to worship her dirty, filthy feet, she first wants to bend over and show you her beautiful tight ass. She traces the line of her thong as it presses against her asshole and enjoys the feel of the fabric against her butt, all the while knowing that you are waiting to worship at the altar of her nasty, dirty shoes.

Miss Alyssa is wearing her sexy pink skirt and knee high black boots just for you. She knows you have a shoe fetish and knows you want to take a bite out of her sexy ass. This sexy blonde Russian is posing just for you. What are you waiting for? Give her the shoe and ass worship that she so desires before she smothers you with her big black boots.

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