Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Jessy is a stuck up young Latina who wants men to buy her stinky white socks and her worn out Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers as they worship her feet. For that is as close as she will let any pathetic foot worshipping footboy get to her precious toes and soles. Jessy knows that is more than they even deserve to have as her look of disdain shows as she sits on the grass.

The unbelievably hot dominant blonde goddess Kelly LaBrock is showing off her sexy black high heeled boots as you kneel before here in a POV scene. You are helpless to resist as you look up at her perfect body in two piece lingerie. You know you are only worthy of worshipping her boots that could crush you as she controls you in every way for her merciless pleasure and your aching torment.

High Heeled Goddesses Dannii Harwood and Lucy Zara are wearing their shiny red and black heels. They are going to take a nice walk over the wimpy losers who fall under their spell as they wear their short skirts and mock the worthless men who serve them and kneel before their power. They rub the stilettos like a dick they will control, and laugh as they team up to dominate.

Worship sexy Jenny's feet as she teases you with her shiny black boots and than takes the boots off to reveal her sweaty white socks. She sticks the stinky white socks that smell like sweat right in your face rubbing them over every inch of your face. You are very aroused but Jenny takes it to another level by taking off her socks and letting you get a whiff of her bare feet

The blonde seductress Alyssa dressed in her provocative red and black pumps needs her foot slave to remove the shoe's price tag for her. She seductively maneuvers on the black leather couch in her racy lingeire so you can get a full view of her sexy body and her stunning heels. If you want to get close to this blonde seductress you must remove the price tag from her heels

The very beautiful brunette Angelina is holding auditions for who can be her best and most loyal foot slave. She starts out by teasing you with her sexy black heels flaunting them in front of your face and than takes them off so you can inhale her sweaty foot odor. She than waves her nylon feet in front of your face and wants you to lick the bottom of her feet

What do I have to see here...? You are watching me the whole day? You are a little pervert! Oh, you say that you love my sexy high heels? Of course you do - they are awesome! But don't believe that you can do it without paying the price... You will have to go down on your knees and worship my sexy feet and high heels! Let's start - NOW!

The gorgeous brunette Summer is very relaxed drinking a glass of wine on her couch as she makes you her foot slave by sticking her sweaty white socks and bare feet in your face. This 18 year old girl is the ultimate foot goddess as she drives you crazy rubbing her sweaty white socks right in your nose and than having you smell and lick her bare feet and toes

Claire drives this Peugeot 207 sports car with her rolled up blue jeans and her sexy metallic grey Converse sneakers on. Her sexy feet pump the pedals of the finely tuned engine as she drives around the streets of the town. Her metallic grey Coverse sneakers look shiny and new on the floor of the car as she accelerates through the narrow street and at time slams on the brakes

This willing slave serves this mean American blonde goddess by getting kicked in his balls with her stiletto heels as he is not able to afford news expensive shoes for her. She is dying to own some brand name shoes and wants the pathetic slave to get his small paycheck and buy them for her. He begs for her mercy saying he doesn't have that kind of money

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