Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Lady B has the prettiest black boots that she loves to wear. She is going to take a walk and head towards the dirtiest areas she can find. Walking in mud is no match for Lady B, because she has a slave that will clean her boots up. She is going to smash in leaves, dirty, and even stomp in mud puddles to get her boots so dirty.

Hanna possesses very smell feet from a long day. Her feet are totally gross, because not only have they been in her black tennis shoes, but she was also walking bare foot earlier in the day. Her feet are pretty, but also black from all the dirt she has accumulated. One lucky slave is going to clean her shoes and her dirty feet and toes.

Sexy brunette Nina Leigh is wearing her sexy orange studded heels which she has just bought for the holiday. she slowly and erotically takes her heels off and shows off her naked bare feet with her dirty soles and cracked skin. She knows she is turning you on with her sexy smelly feet and that you want to rub your tongue all over those dirty soles with the cracked skin

Mirjana walks around her hotel room in her white Buffalo clogs drinking her cup of champagne. She walks around first with her socks on and then takes her socks off to show her sexy naked feet inside the Buffalo's. She teasingly takes her white clogs off and reveals her naked feet and then lies on the bed with her sexy feet up in the air talking and drinking her champagne

This beautiful woman prevents her man from driving his car as she sticks her sexy black leather boots on the steering wheel so he can't drive his car around the town. She sticks the boots all over the wheel and even rubs them in the man's face and puts them into his mouth. It is a very sexy driving session for the man who can't maneuver his car with the boots

Sexy Natascha dressed in all black walks in the grass with her black heels and her dog, Fifi by her side. She tramples all over the green grass walking back and forth and causing deep indentations in the dirt with her sharp heels. She looks very sexy posing with her heels on and trampling outside on the green lawn. Natascha loves to casually stroll around in her high heels.

Sexy Noemi knows you have a an addiction to pretty girl's feet and she can take total control over your mind with her cute little white socks that she shoves in your face so you can smell her sweaty feet. She drives you crazy with lust after taking off her socks to expose her bare feet which she shoves in your face with her cherry red painted sexy toe nails

Princess Sexy Jenny is a sexy brunette mistress that is making you clean her black high heels with your tongue as she sits in a chair in front of you and puts her shoe in your face. She then takes and tells you that she is going to teach you how to suck cock and puts the heel in your mouth and makes you suck it like it is a cock.

You have been waiting a long time for this and it is finally here! Mistress Mirjana is wearing a new pair of the Adidas Superstars and she is showing them off just for you to enjoy on her super sexy feet. This mistress knows that you have been waiting so she shows off the black and white shoes in her bed, taking a walk and even moon walking in the hallway so that you can see it in action.

Mistress Aileen is a sexy blonde mistress that loves to show off her sexy feet to you and she knows that you are addicted to them no matter how hard you try not to be! She knows that you are enjoying her showing off her sexy feet in her high heels and that you enjoy watching her wiggle her toes once her shoes are off. This mistress loves to tease you with her sexy feet.

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