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Mistress Felicia was chilling in the house when this loser came to chat her up. She found out his intention was to nail her but she was not attracted to him. So she pulled a fast one on him instead. She got him to lick her stockings and her shoes. She trampled him lightly and humiliated him without him knowing. She passed it off as foreplay before she told him she was tired and wanted to sleep. She asked him to leave.

When this mistress realized that she could get away with doing things because she is hot, she knew she had found a new way to have fun. She would tease a guy and pretend to be having fun with him and to be exploring things but in the real sense, she was having fun at his expense. She got this guy to lick the soles of her boots by making him believe it would turn her on.

When this mistress found out that her slave had not accomplished the task she had given him, she was pissed and she punished him for it. He had to lick her shoes and when he was done, she used the same shoes to trample him. He was thoroughly humiliated and he was degraded and he had to plead with her to let him go promising he would never do it again.

Molly walks a lot during the day, and she understandably gets her feet sweaty and even smelly at times. But this is not a bother because she knows that there are people out there who lover her smelly and sweaty feet. She loves to have the sweat licked out of her feet and the smell sniffed out of her socks whole she watches television. She can satisfy any foot fetish with her sexy feet.

A mistress will get ready to make a video of her messing up her boots for one of her slaves. A slave of her's has loved her boots for a long time, and has requested to buy her dirty boots, but she wants to get her boots really dirty for her slave, so he can pay for them. She will get them covered in mud and dirt.

Angela has pretty dark hair that is so long and sexy. She has had a very long day, and is so tired. She needs to have a slave come over and remove her stockings to expose her dirty sweaty feet. She will then instruct a slave to massage her feet, and even suck them clean. She wants to have clean feet again, but also humiliate a slave.

Hanna possesses very smell feet from a long day. Her feet are totally gross, because not only have they been in her black tennis shoes, but she was also walking bare foot earlier in the day. Her feet are pretty, but also black from all the dirt she has accumulated. One lucky slave is going to clean her shoes and her dirty feet and toes.

Princess Sexy Jenny is a sexy brunette mistress that is making you clean her black high heels with your tongue as she sits in a chair in front of you and puts her shoe in your face. She then takes and tells you that she is going to teach you how to suck cock and puts the heel in your mouth and makes you suck it like it is a cock.

Goddess No is a sexy blonde mistress that is wearing a sexy pair of Nike sneakers that she wants you to worship. She has just gotten home from a jog and her sneakers are covered in filth and she wants you to use your tongue and lick her sneakers clean. This mistress knows you are willing to do whatever she commands of you and she enjoys you worshiping her sneakers and bare feet.

Amy wants you to worship her high heeled shoes, and the dominant blonde babe who is fully clothed knows that nothing is more humiliating than having a man worship her heels after she has gotten them all filthy dirty. She knows the minds of the submissive men who kneel before her in this POV video are filthy dirty, and so should be the shoes that they are forced to worship.

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