Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

You better make Miss Kat happy as she lies down on the bed and kicks off her sweaty flats right in your face. Her sexy feet are still wrapped in black nylon stockings but soon she'll be sticking her bare feet right in your mouth. Don't disappoint her because its been a long day and she really needs some foot worship. If you're a good boy and do as you're told she'll even reward you with her Goddess items.

Despina is going to rest comfortably on the couch as you bow down and serve her sweaty 18 year old feet. It's been a long day with her boots and hello kitty socks on so she's going to need a man to worship her bare feet. Be prepared for the smell because her dirty feet are nice and moist and ready for your tongue. Be prepared to lick between each of her toes.

This sexy blonde had a hard work out balancing on the pole and pirouetting at ballet class. She needs a man to help lick her dirty feet clean starting with some toe sucking and working your way up to her nasty soles. She will dangle her feet in front of your face so you better get started. If you do the job well she might even let you keep her dirty shoes so you can have her foot smell for life.

Mistress Alyssa is laying on the couch waiting for you wearing her black nylon stockings and black high heels waiting for you to worship her beautiful feet. The sexy blonde has a tight little body and she wants to tease you with her bare feet. How about a little toe sucking to start off and than you can work your way up to her feminine little arches and wiggles.

Saskia is a beautiful Russian foot mistress with absolutely beautiful, sexy feet. She shows us her dirty socks, almost enticing us to lick them and rub them all over our body as she takes them off to reveal her sexy bare feet. This foot tease of a girl knows how strong your foot fetish is, and loves to tease the hell out of you because of it.

Samantha is one of those mean office girls who always gets her own way because of how hot she is. Her sexy ass and big tits get all the attention, but most people completely miss her sexy high heels. Not those with a shoe fetish, however. We notice those heels and those sexy bare feet of her's right away. Her pantyhose look amazing, something us foot fetish blokes love.

Nikola lets us get a good look at her beautiful feet and shoes on this movie, while she is reading some school work. She mostly ignores us, letting us partake in foot and shoe worship that we love. Her sexy sneakers will definitely put your shoe fetish into overdrive, as you watch her sexy feet, you will be blown away by how beautiful her sexy bare feet are.

Miss Alyssa has a beautiful set of legs on her, that she loves to cover up with nylon stockings. Also worth noting is those beautiful black high heels she is wearing, which will definitely appeal to your inner shoe fetish. The sound the heels make on the hardwood floor beneath her is intoxicating, and she isn't afraid to give you plenty of angles of her sexy shoes. What a foot girl tease!

Kate is a beautiful French foot girl who loves to tease you while wearing cute pink slippers. She dangles them over your face, almost begging you to lick them and rub them up against you. She even takes her sexy slippers off and shows you the stinky insides, almost like she wants you to take them from her. This foot fetish girl will drive you wild with her sexy feet.

Mistress Katja loves to tease you with her dirty feet and sexy shoes. She knows just how strong your foot fetish is, so she teases you as much as she can before showing you her sexy nylon clad feet. She dangles her beautiful feet in front of you, teasing you like you've never been teased before. Her black stockings will leave you breathless when she puts them right in your face, as if she's trampling you.

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