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Mistress Gaia was bored in the house and she chose to have fun with her slave and her shoes. She made her slave lick and smell her shoes and she made him forget how humiliating it was by pretending to be turned on by what he did. She was skimpily dressed and showed off her thighs and the slave was turned on and he did it to please her not knowing she was using him.

Mistress Elsa likes to revenge when she is pissed. Today she was pissed and she had to show this guy never to mess with her again. So she had him lick and smell her dirty and smelly socks. She also made him do the same to her sweaty feet. She had made sure her socks and her shoes were smelly and her feet sweaty so that she could use them to humiliate him.

Mistress Cassandra had a problem with her slave and she could not let him get away with it. She used her shoes to punish him. It was Christmas season but she did not care. She had to punish him and she did it as cruelly as she could. She made him lick her feet and when he was done, he had learned his lesson so she let him go and warned him against doing it again.

Goddess Grazi could not believe that her slave had forgotten an urgent assignment she had given him. She was pissed so she took off her sneakers knowing they were smelling and she humiliated him with them. She forced him to lick her sweaty feet and smell her stinky shoes and socks. She made sure he paid for not doing what he was told and that he would never do it again.

Mistress Amelia came home from school tired. She tried to remove her shoes but realized they were stinking so she wore them back and went to the couch to relax. She was there when she felt like removing the shoes. She called her slave and made him remove her shoes and lick her dirty shoes and her stinky socks. The poor slave did not have an option but to comply with her orders.

Lady Alshari went and bought an expensive pair of high heels. She wanted to use those shoes to humiliate and punish her slaves. She knew how painful they would be for her slaves and she knew that after she used them once, no slave would ever dare to disobey her for fear of the dreaded high heels. So she exercised how she would trample and humiliate them before she went and did it.

Liberty is one of the most sultry brunettes on the internet. She has invited you for a private foot fetish show. She looks extremely sexy in her cop uniform and short shorts. She starts out with some cute boots on sticking them in your face to lick. She takes them off so you can sniff them then you can start sniffing her bare feet. She puts them right in your face and spreads her toes.

This slave is lucky enough to be between foot fetish goddesses Lady Tatjana and Mistress Suzy and he makes the best of it. He lie still while both girls put their feet on him. One has boots and the other has high heels and he is forced to lick their feet. They use him as their own personal footboy and human carpet and humiliate him as punishment for being a loser.

Mistress Lea sits outside like she's having a picnic, but she's not going to eat that chocolate tart she has. Her footboy slave is going to eat it off the bottom of her boot. She crushes the dessert with her heavy boots and orders this slave to eat it off. He continues his bootlicking until all the mess is off of his mistress's shoe because he wants to be a good footboy.

Hey you loser slave footboy. I'm Lady Janis and I know you like my nylon feet. I wear these warm boots so I can get them nice and sweaty. When I pull off my boots, I want you to take a nice big sniff then start worshipping my feet. I will put my sexy nylon feet right up in your face and push them against your mouth so you will lick them.

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