Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

This lovely goddess has amazing feat and she also loves to have her slave worship her socks. Unlike most mistresses, she will instruct her slave to get on his knees because he is going to worship her dirty socks and her dirty feet. She takes great amusement in this type of behavior, and she also thinks it's really funny to see a slave on the ground in front of her.

This slave is lucky enough to be between foot fetish goddesses Lady Tatjana and Mistress Suzy and he makes the best of it. He lie still while both girls put their feet on him. One has boots and the other has high heels and he is forced to lick their feet. They use him as their own personal footboy and human carpet and humiliate him as punishment for being a loser.

I am your foot fetish queen Christina and I put on these spiked high heels just for you so you can worship my feet. I want you lick the dirt off my hot high heels and pull them off so you can sniff and lick my sexy feet through my nylons. You will love it when you feel my sweaty toes in your mouth because that is the best a footboy like you can get.

Foot fetish goddess miss Pio shows no mercy on this footboy slave and doesn't mind inflicting a little pain into her foot worship. She does a little facestanding with her sneakers and makes her slave lick the dirt off the bottoms of them. She painfully tramples his chest as she sticks her cute sneakers in his face to humiliate him and show him who the dominant one is and he just lies there.

Miss Chloe is a new Latina foot mistress who drives slaves crazy with her amazing feet and exotic beauty. She flashes a big cute smile when her footboy takes her high heels off and starts sniffing her feet and toes. She pushes them in his face so he can worship her feet and lick the sweat from between her sexy toes. She's getting good at this foot worship already.

Amelia is a bratty blonde foot fetish queen who puts her sexy feet in your face. She starts by wiggling her shoes in your face then takes them off so you can sniff her cute little socks. When she takes her socks off, her supple feet are unbelievably gorgeous and her legs look so smooth as she tenses them and wiggles her toes so you can worship her bare feet.

Mistress Lea sits outside like she's having a picnic, but she's not going to eat that chocolate tart she has. Her footboy slave is going to eat it off the bottom of her boot. She crushes the dessert with her heavy boots and orders this slave to eat it off. He continues his bootlicking until all the mess is off of his mistress's shoe because he wants to be a good footboy.

Miss Kate does a foot tease for you in black high heels. Her feet look so soft and supple as she takes them out of her high heels and puts them back again. She wants you to imagine sniffing and licking her soft, pink bare feet, but you have to be humiliated with shoelicking first. She knows how much power her feet have over you and she uses it to dominate you.

Jordan and Presley got them a nice stress free job at a place called Dreamgirls Airlines. They keep their stress low by having a footboy lie under their feet while they rest them on his face. These two hot office girls sit at the computer and put their sexy stocking feet in the office footboy's face. They have to work all day and the footboy has to stay there for them.

Blonde foot fetish goddess in jeans Lady Mistery puts on a foot worship show for you. She sits in her sexy jeans in the middle of a bunch of shoes and tries them all on for you. She hopes you can imagine smelling them and shoelicking before taking them off and sniffing her feet through her stockings. She wants you to lick her feet after she tries on all these shoes.

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