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Mistress Erina is a stunning brunette model from Russia and she wants you to worship her stunning feet. She sits on a couch in front of you and takes off her big black high heels and then lifts out her nylon covered feet towards you! She shows off her black nylons and rubs her hands all over her feet as you worship and lick her nylon covered feet and please your new mistress.

Mistress Madison Stone is a skilled and sexy business woman and she knows that you are completely weak to her feet. She has seen you looking at her spiky heels and now she has you spending your days under her desk licking her spiky heels clean with your loser tongue and once her heels are clean she rubs her sweaty and moist nylons all over your face and makes you sniff them all day long!

A very sexy mistress knows how to make her slave go nuts with her dirty smelly feet covered by her nylons. She will remove her shoes and rub her feet together. The slave can smell the odor, and all he wants to do is smell and lick her feet. She is deeply amused at how bad she is driving him crazy with her torture to him.

Sophia has always had a love for food fetishes, but on this day she is going to do things much different. She is going to take different foods and pour them on her feet. Her slave will be watching her do this, and it is making him go nuts. He is begging her to let him clean her feet with his tongue and lick them clean.

Sexy brunette Nina Leigh is wearing her sexy orange studded heels which she has just bought for the holiday. she slowly and erotically takes her heels off and shows off her naked bare feet with her dirty soles and cracked skin. She knows she is turning you on with her sexy smelly feet and that you want to rub your tongue all over those dirty soles with the cracked skin

Mistress Alyssa is laying on the couch waiting for you wearing her black nylon stockings and black high heels waiting for you to worship her beautiful feet. The sexy blonde has a tight little body and she wants to tease you with her bare feet. How about a little toe sucking to start off and than you can work your way up to her feminine little arches and wiggles.

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