Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Carol Ann is not only sexy and beautiful, but she also knows how to tease and satisfy a foot fetish as well. She understands what a foot fetish enthusiast needs and she does not hesitate to give it to him or her. She knows it all from dirty socks to sweaty and smelly bare feet. Her mission is never complete until and unless she has satisfied the wild needs of her fans.

Jessie is a sexy and gorgeous mistress. She enjoys a lot of activities during her spare time, but there is nothing she enjoys better than satisfying people's foot fetishes. She loves getting to her high heels and them taking a walk in the living room. Sweaty or not, she also likes to pose for photographs of especially her pretty feet both in high heels as well as without the high heels.

Molly walks a lot during the day, and she understandably gets her feet sweaty and even smelly at times. But this is not a bother because she knows that there are people out there who lover her smelly and sweaty feet. She loves to have the sweat licked out of her feet and the smell sniffed out of her socks whole she watches television. She can satisfy any foot fetish with her sexy feet.

Miss Deeane is a super dominator. She does not joke around when it comes to her work of humiliating and dominating her slaves. Understandably, she has a lot of experience and expertise in dominating her slaves, but her real strength lies in her beauty. Sexy and gorgeous, she can disarm any of her victims with her beauty and charm. She also knows how to dress, and this helps her to attract victims easily.

For anyone with a foot fetish, Kelly is the person who can help you satisfy that fetish. For starters, she has pretty feet. They are pretty to look at, lick and smell. She loves exercising a lot, and often gets her feet sweaty and smelly from wearing her sneakers while exercising. She knows how to dominate and for anyone with this foot fetish, it can be satisfied with someone who not only has pretty feet, but is also gorgeous as well.

Lady B drinks her coffee and does her dance in her black sneakers as she crushes the three red ripe tomatoes on the floor. She wears her Converse sneakers with the cute little purple laces and then places the fruit on the floor before crushing it hard and flat with her sexy sneakers. The three red ripe tomatoes get cleaned from the floor with a paper towel.

Get ready to be verbally humiliated as these mall brats drain your wallet, and step all over your face before heading out to the mall on a spending spree. These cute blonde mall brats that you'd love to fuck only want to humiliate you as they step hard on your face with their shoes. They look down at you on the floor like a dog and step on you.

Sweet dominant Jana H tramples your face under her black high heels and under her bare sexy bare feet. The hot blonde is wearing her sexy short skirt and her dark heels as she steps all over you with her sexy foot wear. She crushes you under her pretty bare feet and smothers you with her sexy toes and the bottoms of her feet. You are crushed like a slave.

Sexy hot blonde Maggie needs some attention on her feet after a full day with her shoes on so she wants you down at her feet. She wants you to lick and clean the bottom of her shoes with your tongue like the slave that you are. First lick the bottom of her white sneakers and than lick the bottom of her sexy stocking nylon feet in your face.

Sexy Mistress BlackDiamoond shows you her brand new black boots. You are an absolute boot lover so you will be enraptured by the gorgeous half cut boots that she shows off while pacing around the living room. She puts on a show for you in her sexy black boots as she shoves them in your face so you can get a good look or maybe a lick of them.

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