Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Goddess Megan is a sexy brunette goddess that loves showing off her sexy feet. Today after spending the afternoon at the gym she has taken off her sneakers and the instant that they came off you could smell the stench of her feet. Her smelly feet are over powering and as she lifts up her gym sneakers she wants you to smell them and puts them closer and closer to your face!

The gorgeous blonde Danielle has been working out all day in her cross trainers. She has driven straight back from the gym so you can smell her funky sneakers and her sweat stained socks. One of her socks is completely soaked through with her sweat but that makes you even hornier, doesn't it? How much are you willing to pay to have those stinky socks in your possession so you can jerk it

The gorgeous blonde Miss Alyssa is going to make you her shoe slave by sticking her very sexy pink and black pumps in your face and teasing you in her very tight white dress. She is a total foot tease as she waves her designer sandals which you paid for right in your face. You might as well get to jerk off your cock as you watch Alyssa seductively

Te pretty girl Monica knows how much of a freak you are about sexy feet so tonight she is going to make you are total foot slave. This redhead mistress is going to take off her sexy black high heeled boots and have you smell and lick her sweaty nyloned feet. The odor is very strong after she has been wearing her boots all day but you must obey Monica

Cucktress Amy has been wearing the same pair of high heels for a week and they have gotten filthy as she shows them to you. She wants you to take your tongue and lick her heels clean. Take your tongue and get the ends of her sharp heels and clean them until they are spotless and look like they are new again and after that lick the soles clean as well.

Princess Fierce is a sexy mistress wearing white heels and pantyhose and she knows exactly what you want, to fuck her hose and heels instead of her pussy. She knows that you are going to take your dick and rub it all over her nylon covered legs and then take off her high heel and slide your hard dick inside of the warm hole and fuck her shoe and then explode all over.

Mistress Alyssa is kneeling on the couch wearing her panties and her bra and she gets on her knees and shows off her sexy body and her high heels as she poses for the camera. She dominates you with her firm attitude as she shows off her sexy body and leaves you addicted to her flawless legs and ass and her perfect sexy feet in the pink and black high heels.

Mistress Roxy is wearing a pair of white high heel boots and after walking all day she takes them off and shows off her dirty socks and makes you smell them as she smothers you with her feet. She finally takes off her stinky socks and makes you lick her bare feet clean and use your tongue to get in between each of her little toes to get rid of all the grime.

Lady Suzanne is a sexy babe that is wearing black fishnet stockings and black heels as she shows you her flawless feet. She has been working in her heels all day so her feet are hot and sweaty and stinky from walking in the heels and when she takes off her shoe she shares that with you and demands that you open your mouth and stick out your tongue and start licking.

Mistress Julie is wearing a pair of bright pink boots as she dances on the counters and struts her stuff showing off her sexy body and her boots leaving you addicted and wanting more. She gets you hooked on her feet and then she takes you for everything that you have leaving you broke and filing for bankruptcy again while she is living a life of luxury thanks to you.

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