Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Sexy Mistress BlackDiamoond shows you her brand new black boots. You are an absolute boot lover so you will be enraptured by the gorgeous half cut boots that she shows off while pacing around the living room. She puts on a show for you in her sexy black boots as she shoves them in your face so you can get a good look or maybe a lick of them.

Carmen is another hot girl who knows about your foot fetish so she wants you to bow down on your knees to serve as a personal slave. It was a very long day with her boots on so she wants you to take them off to sniff her sweaty white socks. They are nice and sweaty and stinky to breathe in. She wants you to take deep breaths of her bare feet.

Watch this sexy chick wear her platform sandals snake skin white straps and yellow high heels 17cm high around the room. They are mesmerizing to look at as she pacesthe room in her snake skin heels with the neon yellow straps. Watch her gorgeous feet as she sits on the couch and than walks around the room in her sexy heels getting you nice and hard.

Watch Sexy Jessie walk around my living room with my sexy buffalo heel in black heels. It is a dark room but you can see as she has the curtain open to reveal her sexy strut around the room in her gorgeous black heels. Jessie is an absolute beauty but you will be mesmerized as she paces around the living room in her gorgeous heeled shoes.

Gorgeous blonde Herrin Amy wants you to lick her long sexy boots. You are completely subservient and fulfill her every desire. Today I have a special job for you. You will worship me and lick my long black knee high boots to get yourself off. You can stare at her perfect tits in her pink bra and see between her legs with no panties on. You must keep licking.

Mistress Sharon is standing on the hard tile floor with her sexy colorful high heels as she has you laying on the floor right next to her feet ready to obey her every command. She takes her pink, green and white heels and wants you to use your skilled tongue to clean her heels so they look like they are brand new just out of the box and shiny clean.

The stunning Mistress Lilia in soaking in a warm soapy bathtub and she has something just for you to enjoy, her soaked feet. She takes her feet out of the water and holds them up and moves them closer and closer to your face in this pov clip. She then wants you to lean in and use your tongue to lick her sexy feet and your hands to massage them as she continues to soak in the bathtub.

Mistress Irene is a sexy blonde beauty who is taking a warm soapy bath as you sit on the floor next to the tub and eagerly wait for her to give you some attention. Your waiting pays off because before long she takes her feet out of the tub and puts them right in front of your of your face in this pov clip so you can admire and dream about her sexy feet.

Mistress Angela is a sexy brunette mistress who has spent the day working hard with her sexy black high heel boots and when she comes home she finds you as her new foot slave. She makes you lick her shiny black boots clean with your tongue and then she takes off her boots and makes you lick her sexy and sweaty bare feet clean until they are spotless and clean.

Mistress Mercedes is a very sexy mistress with sexy heels. Mistress Mercedes has a loser slave that is always doing pathetic things for her. She already knows he is going to clean her dirty heels. She will make him do it, and if he refuses he knows he is in deep shit. She will slap the shit out of him and make him lick her heels clean.

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