Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

When Erina gets up, she enjoys getting dressed. When it's time for her to get her feet in shoes, she always wears ballet flats. She is a tall woman and doesn't like wearing a lot of high heels. She wears her flats and enjoys the way her dainty feet look in them. She loves to play with her shoes, teasing her slave. She makes sure she is able to wiggle her toes comfortably.

When Mistress Maria gets sleepy, she is happy to go to sleep. She didn't think her slave would stalk her so he could get close to her toes. As she lays across her bed, she toes off her high heels and he is in heaven. He sits really close to her feet so he can smell the sweet tang coming off her feet. When he is sure she is asleep, he plans on sucking her toes.

When she wants some money from her slave, she knows exactly how to get it. She is a woman that doesn't mind using her feet to her advantage. She gets dressed and puts on a cute toe ring. She dresses her ankle with an anklet. She makes sure her toes are painted and she sits on a chair. When she crosses her legs, she makes sure that her feet are in the air and she swings them. She stretches her toes and she makes sure she is in his face. He breaks and gives her what she wants so that he can fuck her feet.

When Goddess Kim wants to tease and punish her slave, she knows just what to do. She puts her slave on a leash and sits far enough away from him that he can't touch her. Then she goes to get some of his favorite shoes. She puts them on and flaunts them in his face. When she does it, she knows he wants to lick and suck her shoes but she won't let him.

When she goes to her closet, she has to start with her shoes. She can't get dressed without knowing what she will have on her feet. There is something about being able to wear a pair of sexy high heels or wedges. She loves her shoes because they are gifts given to her by her slaves and former lovers. She also loves wearing them because they turn her on when she walks.

Carol Ann is not only sexy and beautiful, but she also knows how to tease and satisfy a foot fetish as well. She understands what a foot fetish enthusiast needs and she does not hesitate to give it to him or her. She knows it all from dirty socks to sweaty and smelly bare feet. Her mission is never complete until and unless she has satisfied the wild needs of her fans.

Jessie is a sexy and gorgeous mistress. She enjoys a lot of activities during her spare time, but there is nothing she enjoys better than satisfying people's foot fetishes. She loves getting to her high heels and them taking a walk in the living room. Sweaty or not, she also likes to pose for photographs of especially her pretty feet both in high heels as well as without the high heels.

Molly walks a lot during the day, and she understandably gets her feet sweaty and even smelly at times. But this is not a bother because she knows that there are people out there who lover her smelly and sweaty feet. She loves to have the sweat licked out of her feet and the smell sniffed out of her socks whole she watches television. She can satisfy any foot fetish with her sexy feet.

Miss Deeane is a super dominator. She does not joke around when it comes to her work of humiliating and dominating her slaves. Understandably, she has a lot of experience and expertise in dominating her slaves, but her real strength lies in her beauty. Sexy and gorgeous, she can disarm any of her victims with her beauty and charm. She also knows how to dress, and this helps her to attract victims easily.

For anyone with a foot fetish, Kelly is the person who can help you satisfy that fetish. For starters, she has pretty feet. They are pretty to look at, lick and smell. She loves exercising a lot, and often gets her feet sweaty and smelly from wearing her sneakers while exercising. She knows how to dominate and for anyone with this foot fetish, it can be satisfied with someone who not only has pretty feet, but is also gorgeous as well.

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