Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Mistress Katja loves to tease you with her dirty feet and sexy shoes. She knows just how strong your foot fetish is, so she teases you as much as she can before showing you her sexy nylon clad feet. She dangles her beautiful feet in front of you, teasing you like you've never been teased before. Her black stockings will leave you breathless when she puts them right in your face, as if she's trampling you.

Cassandra is using a remote control camera puts her in complete control of what you can see. She shows you her sexy shoes and dirty socks, almost begging you to clean them off for her. It isn't long before her bare feet are out in the open, and wow does this sexy girl ever have sexy feet. She has the kind of toes you would just love to suck on for hours on end.

Sexy footgirl Jenny has beautiful bare feet that are hidden by sexy high heels. If you have a foot fetish, Jenny is the answer to your dreams. She gives you a great foot tease session, knowing full well how badly you want to rub her sexy high heels up against you. She shows you the bottoms of her dirty heels, I bet you would love to just lick them clean.

Nina has cute little tats on her feet. She is sitting on the beach with high heel sandals swinging them back and forth. Her bare feet is dripping in horniness. This hot babe is all alone and definitely needs someone to help her relax for the rest of the day, maybe lick her feet or a nice massage.

You are hers for the taking and boy will she take you. She loves to drive fast so whenever she gets a chance to ride her powerful ride with heels on makes her happy. Her off white high heels makes her toes look flawless. She revs up her gas and let the car purr then she takes the expensive shoes off and let the texture rub up against her pedal.

See Katja's feet. Can you imagine what you can do to those feet? Well she wants you to satisfy them since her boyfriend is out. She flaunts her pretty black high heels in front like a rabbit following a carrot. She looks at you with innocent eyes and they you stare back down at her painted toes. You get your tongue ready for the licking.

Femdoms are all over the place. They are so damn sexy and this one is no exception. Her sexy feet are adorned with her glass high heel. They accentuate her legs so well and make her look taller than what she really is. She gives you a little foot tease making you drool a little. Pick up your lip off the floor and come lick her dirty feet.

There's nothing quite like a seductive draw from a horny slut that's playing with her feet under her desk while she's working. With this horny whore positioning herself where she's showing off her legs through her loose fitting jeans, this slut is then playing with her feet while almost coming out of her shoes in pleasure. Without wasting any time, this slut prances her feet around her desk in pleasure imagining what it's going to be like to feel them up after a long day.

Felicia is one of those girls that has always been kinky and fun. With this long haired blonde beginning to show off her great silky smooth tanned legs while spread out over the bed, she soon is coming out of her white shoes and stripping from her socks as well. With Felicia's smelly shoes and socks pulled off, she gets her feet ready for when her boyfriend slips into bed to enjoy some of the fun that she has in store.

Melanie is always wanting to slip her feet into a nice pair of heels. With this amazing frilly long haired brunette slut showing off herself while positioning on the couch, she later is beginning to feel her feel up while in her nice brown heels. Soon enough, this horny amateur is then feeling up her feel in pleasure while slowly beginning to pull them out in order to bring them up on the couch for play.

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