Shoe Fetish Clips

Hot girls and sexy shoes

Mistress Felicia loves to watch her own clips over and over again so she can tell the webmaster exactly what she loves the most about her own clips. She wants you to watch them with her and she lays on the couch with her laptop and wiggles her sneakers in your face. After a while she takes off her sneakers and then her socks and teases you with her bare feet.

Princess Jenny is your new mistress in this pov clip and she is using your face as a foot rest. She has you laying underneath of her as she smokes her cigarette and plays with her cell phone. She does not care about you and rubs her boots all over your face and she makes you lick all the dirt and grime off of her boots until they are completely spotless and like new.

Mistress Madison Stone is a skilled and sexy business woman and she knows that you are completely weak to her feet. She has seen you looking at her spiky heels and now she has you spending your days under her desk licking her spiky heels clean with your loser tongue and once her heels are clean she rubs her sweaty and moist nylons all over your face and makes you sniff them all day long!

Mistress Liberty is a stunning red headed babe wearing a blue tank top with her black panties and she knows that you are obsessed with her sexy feet. She is wearing a pair of sneakers and has had them on all day long and now as soon as she takes them off the strong smell is over powering and she lets you smell her sneaker too! Then she wiggles her sock covered feet in front of you and finally her bare feet to tease you!

When Princess Jenny gets on the phone, she doesn't need to hear feet to touch the floor. She has a slave to cushion her feet. She calls her slave to her when she comes home and she puts her foot on his face. She knows that it's rude but it's best for her feet to have a live and warm foot stool. She expects her slave to lay there until she is finished with her television program.

When this babe goes to a foot fetish club, she knows that she has to wear sexy shoes to get attention. Rather than wear the same thing twice, this babe knows where to buy a beautiful pair of black leather pumps. They make her foot arch deliciously. She loves the way the black leather reflects the light, catching everyone's eyes. She knows that a delicious foot in great wrapping is better than filthy bare feet.

When Erina gets up, she enjoys getting dressed. When it's time for her to get her feet in shoes, she always wears ballet flats. She is a tall woman and doesn't like wearing a lot of high heels. She wears her flats and enjoys the way her dainty feet look in them. She loves to play with her shoes, teasing her slave. She makes sure she is able to wiggle her toes comfortably.

When Mistress Maria gets sleepy, she is happy to go to sleep. She didn't think her slave would stalk her so he could get close to her toes. As she lays across her bed, she toes off her high heels and he is in heaven. He sits really close to her feet so he can smell the sweet tang coming off her feet. When he is sure she is asleep, he plans on sucking her toes.

When she wants some money from her slave, she knows exactly how to get it. She is a woman that doesn't mind using her feet to her advantage. She gets dressed and puts on a cute toe ring. She dresses her ankle with an anklet. She makes sure her toes are painted and she sits on a chair. When she crosses her legs, she makes sure that her feet are in the air and she swings them. She stretches her toes and she makes sure she is in his face. He breaks and gives her what she wants so that he can fuck her feet.

When Goddess Kim wants to tease and punish her slave, she knows just what to do. She puts her slave on a leash and sits far enough away from him that he can't touch her. Then she goes to get some of his favorite shoes. She puts them on and flaunts them in his face. When she does it, she knows he wants to lick and suck her shoes but she won't let him.

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