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Miss Chloee is a sexy blonde mistress that is wearing a pair of white socks in her sneakers while she went to the gym today. She comes home from the gym and takes her sneakers off and makes her loser foot slave worship her them. She then takes her smelly socks and makes her slave take them and lick them and smothers his face with them and rubs them all over his face.

When Annabella learns her slave's addiction to her feet, she learned the source of her power. She knows that he will do anything to get to her feet. When he leaves to go on a business trip, she makes a video of herself. She sits on a chair and props up her boot clad feet. She takes her boots off and reveal her nylon clad feet. She knows that seeing her feet so close will drive him insane. As she flexes her feet, she knows he is masturbating and fantasizing.

There are some women that like to tease in public. This brunette knows that her lover is watching and that he gets a hard on every time she wears sandals. This is a day that she purposely gets a pedicure and wears his favorite sandals. She takes her feet out of the sandals and allows them to walk along the show. She hears the desperate lust in his voice when he calls her on her cell phone.

Felicia loves to tease her foot loving slave with her stinky feet. She makes sure that he's across the room before she will take her black pumps off her nylon clad feet. She takes her shoes off and wiggles her toes. She loves to listen to him beg to rub her feet. She won't allow him to get close to her toes to lick them or smell them because she knows he's been a naughty boy.

Mirjana loves boots. They are her pleasure. She loves the way they feel going up her legs. She has hundreds of them but she went to the store and bought more. She made sure to put on a pair of nylons because she wants to feel the new leather as close to her skin as possible. She slips them over her legs and up her calves. Mirjana can feel her panties getting wet as she laces and zips them.

Adriana looks like a supermodel and has feet to match. When she puts on her sexy silver heels, there is no foot slave that will ever be able to resist this hot beauty. She has the look of determination, but she also is hoping to find the perfect slave to clean her dirty feet from putting the pedal to the metal barefoot. She needs a foot fetish expert.

Angela has pretty dark hair that is so long and sexy. She has had a very long day, and is so tired. She needs to have a slave come over and remove her stockings to expose her dirty sweaty feet. She will then instruct a slave to massage her feet, and even suck them clean. She wants to have clean feet again, but also humiliate a slave.

Lady B has the prettiest black boots that she loves to wear. She is going to take a walk and head towards the dirtiest areas she can find. Walking in mud is no match for Lady B, because she has a slave that will clean her boots up. She is going to smash in leaves, dirty, and even stomp in mud puddles to get her boots so dirty.

Hanna possesses very smell feet from a long day. Her feet are totally gross, because not only have they been in her black tennis shoes, but she was also walking bare foot earlier in the day. Her feet are pretty, but also black from all the dirt she has accumulated. One lucky slave is going to clean her shoes and her dirty feet and toes.

You have been waiting a long time for this and it is finally here! Mistress Mirjana is wearing a new pair of the Adidas Superstars and she is showing them off just for you to enjoy on her super sexy feet. This mistress knows that you have been waiting so she shows off the black and white shoes in her bed, taking a walk and even moon walking in the hallway so that you can see it in action.

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