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A very sexy mistress knows how to make her slave go nuts with her dirty smelly feet covered by her nylons. She will remove her shoes and rub her feet together. The slave can smell the odor, and all he wants to do is smell and lick her feet. She is deeply amused at how bad she is driving him crazy with her torture to him.

Sophia has always had a love for food fetishes, but on this day she is going to do things much different. She is going to take different foods and pour them on her feet. Her slave will be watching her do this, and it is making him go nuts. He is begging her to let him clean her feet with his tongue and lick them clean.

Felicia is so freaking hot, so any slave is going to be thrilled in her house, however, she also has a fetish of her own. She loves to tease her slaves with her really cute sweaty feet. She will remove her sneakers to show off her socks. Her socks are dirty and smelly, but when the socks come off the smell is really bad, but her slave loves it.

A mistress will get ready to make a video of her messing up her boots for one of her slaves. A slave of her's has loved her boots for a long time, and has requested to buy her dirty boots, but she wants to get her boots really dirty for her slave, so he can pay for them. She will get them covered in mud and dirt.

Rachel is a really cute girl that loves to show off her socks and her feet. She is going to take off her sneakers to show off her sweaty socks. Rachel will then remove her socks to show her toes and feet, but the smell of her feet is really bad. She loves teasing her slave's and driving them mad with her sexy toes and feet bare.

Helena is a mistress that loves walking around barefoot. She loves to get her feet to the point they are really dirty and brown on the bottom. Helena will then show her slave how dirty her feet are and let him know if he is a good boy, he can lick and clean her feet. She loves to humiliate her slaves into cleaning the soles of her feet.

Goddess No has an amazing selection of shoes. She is going to show off her shoes one last time to her slave, so the slave can get a great view of what he will be missing. She will let him sniff and smell her shoes, but since her slave is such a fucking loser, she will not allow him to do anything else. Goddess No runs the show.

Mistress Mikaila is a sexy brunette mistress that has spent all day working on her feet and now after a long day and makes her slave drop down to his knees and take care of her feet. She makes him worship her feet and wants him to lick and take care of her smelly feet. She then takes her feet and wants him to lick and worship them with his tongue.

When Annabella learns her slave's addiction to her feet, she learned the source of her power. She knows that he will do anything to get to her feet. When he leaves to go on a business trip, she makes a video of herself. She sits on a chair and props up her boot clad feet. She takes her boots off and reveal her nylon clad feet. She knows that seeing her feet so close will drive him insane. As she flexes her feet, she knows he is masturbating and fantasizing.

Sexy Noemi knows you have a an addiction to pretty girl's feet and she can take total control over your mind with her cute little white socks that she shoves in your face so you can smell her sweaty feet. She drives you crazy with lust after taking off her socks to expose her bare feet which she shoves in your face with her cherry red painted sexy toe nails

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