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The sexy brunette brat knows all about your foot fetish and wants to make you her shoe slave for the day. This pretty girl lies back on the couch and shoves her suede black boots in your face to tease you. She than removes her boots and shoves her stinky white socks all over your face. Last but not least she forces you to smell her sweaty bare feet and toes

Cucktress Amy has been wearing the same pair of high heels for a week and they have gotten filthy as she shows them to you. She wants you to take your tongue and lick her heels clean. Take your tongue and get the ends of her sharp heels and clean them until they are spotless and look like they are new again and after that lick the soles clean as well.

Princess Fierce is a sexy mistress wearing white heels and pantyhose and she knows exactly what you want, to fuck her hose and heels instead of her pussy. She knows that you are going to take your dick and rub it all over her nylon covered legs and then take off her high heel and slide your hard dick inside of the warm hole and fuck her shoe and then explode all over.

Mistress Julie is wearing a pair of bright pink boots as she dances on the counters and struts her stuff showing off her sexy body and her boots leaving you addicted and wanting more. She gets you hooked on her feet and then she takes you for everything that you have leaving you broke and filing for bankruptcy again while she is living a life of luxury thanks to you.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is wearing a fishnet outfit that covers her entire body as she sits on the stairs with her high heel dangling from her foot as she runs her finger over her panties covering her pussy. She teases you because she knows what you want and she is going to get your dick hard in your pants and she wants to get you off as she teases you!

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